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Villuj Circle: The Introduction Of The New (Coming 11/29/19)

by Chrsitou DaKeeng & Lisa Luv | Season 1, Episode 1

About Villuj Circle

Villuj Circle is a podcast platform designed to blend artistic and business cultures while productively developing the communication, education, and interaction between the  communities within its affective reach. With energetic hosts and variously distinctive segments, we plan to engage a vibrant audience while capturing their attention with fun, as well as, important topics. Our show features…  

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The Black Friday Episode

Coming 11/29/19 

Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

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Christou DaKeeng

Christou DaKeeng

Lisa Luv

Lisa Luv

Join the team couple, Christou DaKeeng and Lisa Luv, on their podcast, Villuj Circle! The singer and model are ready to bring their experiences and advice to the explosive platform of podcasting. As a married couple in entertainment, they live a different lifestyle than most. Get to know them with Villuj Circle. 

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