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About Villuj Circle

Capture a look inside the crew and mission of the production

Our Goals and Vision

We seek to enhance the quality of education and life with the positivity and information our platform provides. We thrive on delivering the best content to the best Villuj in the world. The Villuj mission is to PLANT goals, CULTIVATE progression, and SPROUT global community development. 

Who We Are

We are a team of individuals committed to uniting various social groups and classes with our podcast platform. Our hosts are informative with loads of personality to keep the interests of its viewers/listeners.  We simply aim to give people more than just the pleasure of entertainment, but the structure of community, and the education of effective fellowship as well. 

Our Story

Villuj Circle and OmniVilluj.com were founded by creator Cedric “Christou” Dennis, who as an entertainer from a small town, saw the disconnect between most small businesses and artists. Understanding the power of endorsements, Christou set out to create platforms that would help artists get to a consistent source of opportunities for generating income. He understood that the costs of being an artst versus the cost of living does not always find balance, so this was his attempt to bridge that gap and create opportunities of leverage. With a team and staff ready to enlighten the masses, join Villuj Circle for an episode and see the difference. 


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Meet The Hosts

Lisa Luv

Lisa Luv


The wonderful Lisa Luv is a wife, mom, stylist, model, nail esthetician and make-up artist. She has a growing career that, but finds balance in growing with her family as a unit. Upon becoming  a licensed cosmetologist, she began work study in various salons, including a children’s spa where she enjoyed making young girls feel like princesses. Among print modeling and some runway experience, Lisa has explored her talents in indie film and music video appearances. Spiritually guided, she promotes beauty and inner peace in hopes to help people grow within. Lisa’s plans are to become more active in the communities around her in the most fabulous way possible.

Christou DaKeeng

Christou DaKeeng


Entertainer, singer, songwriter, graphic artist, web developer, investor… Who is Christou DaKeeng? He is a husband and a father first. From a young age, Christou has performed at various levels musically and in front of various audiences. He sports a plethora of talents, but thrives in making music that attracts loyal listeners to his campaign. As an entrepreneur and CEO, he has helped others to develop their businesses, ideas and dreams into tangible possibilities. You can visit ChristouDaKeeng.com to find out more about him.

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